…a collection of testimonials from the clients of Sandra Rotholc.

“My husband and I embarked on therapy before we were married. We were both seeking out new ways of resolving conflicts, and, particularly for me, healing past emotional wounds, which were colouring our relationship. Sandra helped us develop skills to listen empathically, communicate more effectively and learn how to genuinely see one another’s point of view. Once my husband and I felt we were on track as a couple, I continued to see Sandra one on one in order to continue to learn more about myself and enhance my personal relationships.” M.Q.

“Ms. Rotholc is sensitive, empathetic, likeable and very easy to talk to. I only saw her three or four times but I feel that I really benefited from my experience with her. She was able to provide me with support, insightful perspectives and constructive suggestions regarding the myriad of issues that affect my life. These issues included how to manage my emotions, how to understand the things that affect my behaviour and decisions, and how best to approach current dilemmas. Not only was Ms. Rotholc able to effectively respond to the problems that I put before her, but she was able to read between the lines to identify and address the issues that I had not yet recognized myself. I always felt very positive and empowered after my appointments with her.“ RK

“Sandra continues to challenge me and my beliefs with her various techniques. With her help, I'm beginning to enjoy a life filled with love, sexual satisfaction and true happiness. I thank you for that!“ RK

“It was great to meet Sandra, she has an attentive perception and all round fantastic therapist. DS
Though she would likely prefer that I credit myself, I believe that Sandra saved my life. At a time when I felt I was no longer capable of functioning, she helped me find the strength to not give up on myself. Sandra's willingness to make the extra effort to send an email, make a phone call and get a little something for my new baby has only increased my appreciation and respect for her. Years (and dozens of sessions) later and I continue to use the tools that I developed with Sandra in all aspects of my life and am without question the happiest I have ever been and feel extremely blessed to be living the life I have. (and if you aren't sold yet, she's wicked funny when she wants to be.)“ JT

“Working with Sandra enabled the breakthrough we hoped for in our relationship. Her gifts in listening and intuition, combined with depth of expertise and genuine warmth made each session meaningful. Sandra skillfully created a safe and productive environment that respected our individual starting points and allowed us to move forward as a couple.“ MB and NB

“Sandra is an incredible therapist who I have had the pleasure of seeing over the course of many years. She is kind, patient and extremely insightful. She has helped me to identify and work through issues that has not only made me a better partner, but a better person. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sandra to anyone seeking advice and guidance.“ JS

“I met Sandra in 1999. Sandra is a great sounding board who is also caring, welcoming and generous.  She is never judgmental and always provides thought provoking reflections.  Over the years, my visits with her have fluctuated.  At times, it was weekly, at others it was annually.  I can honestly say that every time I met with her, it was as if I had been there last week.  She never misses a beat.  For me, she was the person I could vent to without repercussions and I've always left her office in a better place than when I came in (even when I went in with a positive mood).  She provides a safe environment to process things/thoughts. Seeing her makes me pause for one hour in a world that is moving fast.  Most times it is all it takes to realign myself.“ EL

“I find Sandra Rotholc to be an elite skilled practitioner who listens, understands, and gets to the heart of the matter.  Once there she, is able to address  concerns with compassion, insight, honesty, and a dash of humour.  In a very short period of time, she is able to help heal the difficult stuff, and get people back on their path. I highly recommend Sandra to anyone willing to talk out their issues. You will find Sandra to be a good listener, and together, you will feel your way to a healing place.“ SS

“Sandra is a very supportive and caring therapist, and has been an enormous help to me during a very difficult period in my life.  For quite a while now, I’ve felt like I’ve been drifting at sea in a boat with no rudder, with no control over where I’m heading.  Sandra has helped me realize that it’s nobody else’s responsibility but mine to “take the helm” and start steering my life in the direction I want it to go.  She’s helped me find the courage and motivation to start taking control.“ BH

“Sandra, I just want to thank you for helping my wife and I to get out of some tough times emotionally.  So here is a BIG THANK YOU for all you have done for us.  You have helped me personally and our marriage more than you know.“ GI